Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lessons Learned

I really need to write a little follow up about the Omaha to Ames bike ride.  Especially in regards to my packing list.  First the pannier weights:

Front left:    8 lbs
Front right:   7 lbs
Rear left:    14 lbs
Rear right:   18 lbs
Total weight: 47 lbs

I forgot an important thing, the can opener.  Luckily I threw in a pliers-multi-tool that had a can opener on it.  I also took several packets of oats with Nido whole milk powder but I was to lazy in the mornings to heat up water for a warm breakfast.  Instead the tortillas with Nutella worked out great for breakfast.  Overall I had to much sweet snacks along.  I realized I craved none sweet stuff or maybe some more salty stuff.

On this trip I only ate out once.  It was for lunch on the second day in Steward at Subway.  On one side I want to eat our more on future trips but then I really didn't had many chances to do so on this trip, especially on my first day.  I enjoy the more quiet roads and these don't go through to many larger towns.

Another thing I didn't use was the bike lock.  It's way better to leave the bike in sight and doing so you don't need one.  I didn't use the hand sanitizer either but wished I had soap with me.  I like soap more.

On other news.  Wify and I just got new touring bikes but haven't accessorized them totally.  We want to do a longer ride just to make sure we really like these bikes, although I'm not sure if we could exchange them.  Deciding for a bike was a nightmare, at least for me.  We had the opportunity to ride the Treck 520 and Surly Long Haul Trucker in various sizes.  It didn't help me to much since I don't know what a proper fit feels like. She got the Trek 520 and I got the Surly Long Haul Trucker.  However, I'm still not sure if I made the right choice.  Who knows maybe I never will.  In any case I'll have to do a writeup about the bikes sometime.

I'm also thinking about doing the other side of Iowa, an Ames - Davenport tour.

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