Thursday, March 24, 2011

Upcoming Plans

I'm planning to ride part of the Katy trail in Missouri with my family this summer. How much of the trail we'll ride will depend on a lot of things. A significant portion is dependent if Oskar (7 years) will ride his own bike or the Adams trail-a-bike. The ride will be several days (5-7?), self supported and we'll be staying at least some nights in a tent.

In week, I and a co-worker will be hiking around Lake Georgetown near Austin, TX. The total will be about 28 miles but we will camp two nights at undeveloped campsites since we won't start until late afternoon and will finish in the morning to catch our flight home. Yeah, we'll have to pack all our gear for flying. This means cooking fuel needs to be purchased locally.

Lake Georgetown Map
 The above map is available as a PDF at the Georgetown website.

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