Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Katy Trail - We gonna try it

Our family is doing an easy and enjoyable ride along the Katy Trail in Missouri. Due to the recent flooding and several trail closures it was questionable if we could make the ride.

After checking with the DNR and online river gauges it looks like we might be riding just between flooding periods. Apparently the reservoirs upriver are releasing excess waters and causing flooding but it looks like we will ride just ahead of the flooding. So it might be just like our 2002 bike ride along the Danube in Austria. A few weeks later they had major flooding. The only difference was that we weren't aware and worried about the flooding.

Our plan is to ride from Rocheport to Weldon Spring. We'll stay overnight in our little 4 person tent in Hartsburg, Portland and Marthaville. Oskar will ride with Melissa on the trail-a-bike and Heidi will be in the bicycle trailer.

Last night we started packing. It's the first time we are doing a totally self supported tour with the kids and Melissa was a little panicky. It's quite daunting since you don't have much space (sleeping bags and mats take a lot of space) and one wants to bring something along for all the worry. For example I successfully talked Melissa out of taking a tarp along to protect us from hail by stating that we can use the rigid foam pads of our kids for that.

I'll try to post some updates via twitter when we are on the road. So watch the space.

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