Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Dream

OK, so I have this idea to do a bike ride from Omaha to Ames. The ride would start at my in-laws and end at home. The convenience would be that I could hitch a ride to there from my wife and kids while they visit the grandparents. It would be 180 miles of Iowa county highways in 3 days. I have already a route in mind but still need to plot it. Of course it will be a self supported tour with the occasional stops at gas station for water and ice cream.

This will be a two fold adventure, as I haven't done an overnight solo cycling tour and I haven't been riding my bike much this. Spring and summer was occupied by lots of stuff including building a small shed (12 x 20 foot) in the back yard. The shed is somewhat of a priority since I really want to get a better bike than the GT Outpost mountain bike I have. Before I get the new bike I want to have more room to store all of our crap so that it's easily accessible and I won't break stuff while shuffling things around.

Just this past week I started to ride occasionally to work on the bike, dropping off my kids at school and daycare. It's only about 9 miles so not much of a feat. Yesterday I went biking with family and friends from Slater to Ankeny on the High Trestle trail which was only 13 miles. So not much in comparison to the 60 miles per day I'm planning on that trip.

I'm eying the Labor day weekend for a possibility for the ride.