Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hotel Rumorosa

So this year will have no major trip in store but lots of smaller adventures.  For the fall I'll have two more lined up.  I'll be tagging along with one of my wife's work trip to Bostimore (not Boston but Baltimore, sorry insider joke).  Using her hotel I'll do bike rides with my folder around Baltimore and at least a day in DC.  It'll be the first time for me in Baltimore and the Capitol City.

My second adventure will be far less urban, the plan is to bike from San Diego via Tecate and Mexicali to Calexico.  Then back to San Diego with the Greyhound bus.  Yes, that's Mexico, another first for me.  The route will have several exciting and challenging features.  For one there is the 4000 feet mountain range I'll be gradually climbing up and quickly descending.  Sweetened with a desert crossing.  But the different culture and the language, which I don't speak, will certainly be the most "adventurous" part of this trip.  Of course I'll keep this plan somewhat flexible, especially since I'll be on the road late November and snow is not unheard of in that part of Mexico.

I'll leave you with a the only two references of Hotel Rumorosa in the world wide web.  That is the only hotel between Tecate and Mexicali.  I guess I'll better take my tent along. ;)

Did you see the hotel in the video?