Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I wasn't planning on 65 miles

Heidi's daycare is closed and I thought of doing a small bike ride to get used for the tour. Things got a bit stressed getting Oskar to school since both sets of car seats were in mom's car. So I packed a few things and we rode on our bike to Oskar's school just in time. Heidi and I continued our ride to Ankeny to have some lunch and back. Since R38 is still closed due to construction we took US 69. I quickly remember why I loath to ride there. The traffic is just horrible. So we back tracked though Kelly to R38 and on to Slater where we stopped for ice cream and a playground break. Like last weekend we took the High Trestle trail to Ankeny, had lunch and returned the same way. Of course this time we took the shorter and nicer detour on X Avenue. Surprisingly I feel fine the day after.

Distance: 65 miles
Max Speed: 27.4 mph
Average Speed: 11.8 mph

Slater has a nice little grocery that's open 7 days a week with pretty long hours.  Quite nice and of course we have to stop for ice cream ...
... and have some fun at the park.
Between Slater and Ankeny, in the middle of nowhere, is this nice little rest stop with porta-potty and drinking fountain.  Pretty neat.

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