Friday, August 17, 2012

Oregon Coast Ride: Surfing USA

Today I rode by myself again.  In the morning I passed a surf shop that wasn't open but had a photo-op place outside by the road. Today's ride was pretty nice as the road goes close to the ocean.  I set a pleasurable pace and stopped here and there.  I once went out on a sandy beach, wanting to push the bike along the beach for a while but I just got the bike sandy.  The tide was coming in and the beach wouldn't have been great to go a distance along it.  So it was back to the road again.

Brompton out on the surf.

Siletz Bay.

The Pacific coast.

Self portrait.

I'm not sure if Depoe Bay does really have the smallest harbor, it still looked kind of big to me, but it has an impressive narrow entrance through rock walls over which the 101 bridge spans.

If the sign says so it must be true.
The Otter Crest Loop south of Depoe Bay was the best stretch to ride.  It runs parallel to 101 and due to it's narrowness is primarily a one-way street.  Barely any traffic was on that road and no trucks or RVs.  The scenery and view were gorgeous there as well.  I wish the whole Pacific route could be like that.

One way street parallel to 101 and the best
section I rode.

More Pacific coast.

Look at that, the laundry got dry.

Cycling along highway 101.

Not only did I meet up again with Bennie and Julie at the Carl Washburne state park but I also met Christopher ( who is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. The ride along the Pacific is quite humbling. No matter how huge of an adventure you think you're undertaking it's puny compared to other people's.  This is especially so on the well traveled Pacific coast route.  But it's also quite exciting to meet with these people and exchange stories after a day of traveling.

Hiker/Biker Camp at Carl Washburne State Park.

Day 3: 63 miles
Devil's Lake State Park to Carl Washburne State Park

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