Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oregon Coast Ride: Jungle Trees

With the fog over night nothing dries. Even my helmet pads that were dry in the evening are soaked in the morning thanks to the salt deposits from sweat. Not much one can do about the helmet but to dry clothing you'd just have to hang them out on your bike and become a moving clothing line.

Daily clothes drying ritual.

Views along the road while crossing a monster hill.

Devil's Lake state park is quite neat as it's nestled in the middle of Lincoln City by a lake.  Right across the street (Hwy 101) is the ocean.  So after setting the tent up I headed over there to stroll a little along the beach.

Lincoln City beach.

Message to home.

Proof that I was really there.

At the campsite I meet several other cyclist.  A guy with a trailer did down and up loop along the coast and was on his way back home.  He considered this a training ride for a bigger and more remote ride to come.  That at least was his excuse for hauling way more than needed.  Surprisingly he slept in quite late the next morning.

Two college guys from Eugene, OR were on their first little tour.  Hey went ultra light, as they didn't bring a sleeping mat or tent.  They just rolled their sleeping bags out and slept in the open.

Also at the camp site were Bennie and Julie which I meet earlier in the day. They are riding from Portland to San Fransisco. We rode together up and down the monster hill of about 750 vertical feet. Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I'd expected and we did the up and down in about 35 minutes. All of that on US Highway 101 since the Slab Creek Road route is closed.

Hiker-biker campsite at Devil's Lake

Day 2: 58 miles
Barview County Park to Devil's Lake State Park

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