Wednesday, March 6, 2013

California Coast Ride: I'm Coming

It's done!  I'll be riding the California coast from Monterey to LA with my Brompton folding bicycle in 32 days.  Flights are booked and vacation has been scheduled. 

Now I just have to complete the details.  Creating a packing list, which will be minimal since I won't be able to carry much asides the tent, mat and sleeping bag.  Food will be my main concern as I can't carry much and the route will be more isolated than the ride I did in Oregon last year.  The exact route needs to be determined and uploading it to the Garmin Oregon 450 GPS.

My heart rate is already up.  I'm excited with a touch of anxiety since I haven't ridden for quite a while and not been doing anything asides downhill skiing at a tiny local hill.  The route should be beautiful and have much less traffic than what I encountered in Oregon.

More to come soon.  Watch this space.

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