Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weird Rural Bars

OK, today's bike ride isn't really worth to blog about since it was just a ride with my daughter to the next town for lunch and back. Yet still it brought something interesting that seems to be a trend: weird small town bars.  See our Katy Trail blog entry (yet to be written ... I promise it will happen ... I just don't know when) of the bar with the deer butt and the pile of naked barbie dolls.

I'm glad I'm not this apple.

On the ten mile ride to the neighboring town a topless cyclist was passing us and naturally my six year old daughter was asking about it.  So the conversation ended with why women couldn't go topless in our society while some societies don't have an issue with it and for others it's even tabu for women to show their faces in public.  So of course it's natural that Sports Illustrated: The Making of Swimsuit 2013 was running on the big screen TV at the bar where we eat lunch.  I must say they were visiting some cool location so I'm not at all surprised that my daughter watched the show while the guys at the bar only payed attention and hooted when the girls in the bikinis were shown.  

Every bar needs a stingray ...

Anyway, the weird and kind of cool part was that the bar had a stingray model and a stuffed bear trying to get a bee hive in a glass vitrine.  I sent the photos to my wife and she was wondering if we were in a museum. LOL I wonder how many more interesting bars are out in rural America.  Maybe I'll have to stop at more with my daughter.

... and some stuff animals.

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