Friday, August 12, 2016

Dreaming of a Thru Hike

Somehow I kind of got stuck watching Red Beard's through hike of the Appalachian Trail on YouTube in 2014. An AT through hike would be an awesome thing. I have hiked the AT approach trail to the top of Springer Mountain, the most of the Standing Indian Loop hike was on the AT, and a section hike from Winding Stair Gap to NOC in North Carolina.  These hikes were awesome but you wonder if you ever could complete a through hike.

Of course with kids in school, a job, a wife, and otherwise a life that doesn't support a year long break a through hike isn't feasible.  At least not at this stage in my life.  What a bummer! Until last year that is,  when I learned about the Superior Hiking Trail.  It's much shorter than the AT but seems to be a nice hike and with 255 to 300 miles it's offers the challenge of a through hike. Something that I could take vacation from and reluctant approval from my spouse.  So I've been dreaming of that thru-hike ever since and made my plan to go in September 2016 of this year while slowly acclimating my wife to that idea.

The summer came and is ending soon.  Life has been progressing, too.  While my wife seems to be somewhat lukewarm to the idea and somewhat supports my craziness, work has gotten me onto another project where some major release date is in September as well. Not just that, now I also heard that Red Beard is hiking the Superior Trail this September.  There is this huge urge in me that wants to experience the trail myself before seeing someone else's detail video diary of the hike.  From my experience, it's always best to go into any adventure without any expectations on how things will be.  Not to mention that this year makes the 30th anniversary of the Superior Hiking Trail and the 100th anniversary of the North County Trail.  And of course I'm not getting any younger so there is some urgency, desire and plenty of reasons to get it hiked this year.

I got a new glimmer to get this happening after all.  When I inquired our release and other important project, throwing in my idea of taking three weeks off for the hike, there seems the possibility to get the time off.  I'll have to check if the grandparents can help out with the kids, tell my wife the great news (bad for her) and officially request the vacation.

I'm pumped, excited, cheerful ... later I'll worry about food supplies and re-supplies, gear, the miles and all the other "easy" details.

Superior Hiking Trail excitement


Woohoo!!! I got the green light from everybody.  It's a GO, I'm going, waking, hiking...

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